Are all injuries after a car accident as obvious as a broken leg or cut on the arm? While most people would answer “yes”, the correct answer is “no”. There are many injuries that can occur within the body that can be just as concerning as the those on the exterior. The aches and pains that are often felt days, weeks, and months after an accident are the body’s way of signaling something is wrong. Unfortunately, far too many people think that these minor symptoms are insignificant and will simply go away on their own.

The truth is, even minor injuries from a car accident can turn into chronic conditions and sources of pain and discomfort well into the future. This is why it’s important to receive the most comprehensive care possible by seeing a chiropractor in Columbus, GA. A chiropractor’s in-depth approach and knowledge of the body as a whole will ensure you address any sources of pain in an effective manner.

Where’s your Pain?

Some of the most common pains chiropractors help their patients with after car accidents include:

How Dr. Overton Can Help

With any of the pains listed below, a chiropractor will do a full evaluation to determine the root cause of the problem. Only once they have that information will they develop a treatment plan to help address the issue in an effective and drug-free manner.

Arm and Wrist Pain

Arms and wrists can suffer sprains, fractures, and nerve injuries from car accidents. This can result in limited ability to move, severe pain, and man other conditions if left unaddressed.

Back and Neck Pain

The impact of a car accident can hurt the joints, muscles, and the spine, resulting in stiffness, swelling, memory loss, and limited movement. If not treated, these will get worse well into the future.


Even mild headaches after a car accident can be signs of brain swelling or internal bleeding from concussions, trauma, or spinal disc compression.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is often caused from temporomandibular joint pain, otherwise known as TMJ. This is common with those who have suffered whiplash from a car accident. It can lead to limited jaw movement, tenderness, ear aches and difficulty eating.

Joint Inflammation and Tissue Fibrosis

Trauma and the impact of the accident can cause tissue and joint injuries. Tissue fibrosis in particular occurs when the body scars as it heals itself. Treatment for this is important, as not addressing the issue can lead to a chronic condition.

Leg Pain

Leg pain after a car accident can be due to trauma, ligament tears, dislocated knees, broken bones, or even spinal injuries. When not addressed, this can result in chronic pain and even arthritis.

Shoulder Pain

Rotator cuff tears, bruising, fractures, and inflammation are common causes of shoulder pain. When not addressed, this can lead to numbness, restricted movement, and severe swelling.


When the neck is forced back and forward in an accident it can cause many injuries to the spine and muscles. Leaving this unaddressed can lead to irritation, pain, dizziness, and even vision problems in the future.