Where’s Your Pain?

Leg pain is something that affects millions of people on a daily basis, leaving them unable to comfortably walk, run, or do many other daily activities. While this pain may not be chronic for everyone, for those that it is, it can be a major hindrance in everyday life. If you know all too well just how much this pain affects how you can move, then it’s time to seek care from a chiropractor. Their in-depth approach to uncovering the cause of pain will help you learn exactly what needs to be done to find natural relief.

Upper Leg Pain

The upper leg is the area that most patients experience pain, whether from spine issues, a pinched nerve, hip issues, sciatica, a ligament tear, a dysfunction, an imbalance, or something else. Because there are so many different issues that can contribute to this, and not necessarily in the leg itself, it’s important to have the expertise of a chiropractor. To target the underlying issue exactly, they’ll give you total body testing and exams.

Lower Leg Pain

Your lower leg and back have a deeply intertwined relationship, which is why your lower leg pain may not even originate in that area. For example, a pinched sciatic nerve or loosened disc in the back could be the causes of your lower leg pain without you even realizing it. This is a big reason why so many lower leg pain sufferers never find relief, as the root cause of their pain is not what is being addressed. Fortunately, chiropractors like Dr. Overton in Columbus, GA take this risk out of the equation by uncovering the underlying cause of the pain from the very beginning. Whether they find that your lower back is the root problem or you have a pinched nerve in your leg, they’ll address that with natural solutions that allow the body to heal itself.

What’s the Right Solution for You?

Because every leg pain situation is different, it’s impossible to say which solution is right for you until testing has been completed. However, once you do have that information, a chiropractor like Dr. Overton can guide you to a personalized solution that’s natural as well as effective.