Finding solutions that help ease your neck pain might feel impossible, especially if you’ve been dealing with it for months or even years. However, just because you haven’t found something that works doesn’t mean there’s nothing out there to help. Chiropractors in particular are excellent resources to see for help discovering what’s causing your chronic neck pain. Dr. Overton will use a natural approach to help their patients find relief from discomfort and pain while you are in Columbus, GA.

When to See a Chiropractor for help with Neck Pain

Pain Radiating Down to the Arm

When pain travels from your neck all the way down to your arms and hands, that’s a sign that there’s likely a herniated or pinched nerve in the neck. To determine the location and intensity of this, your chiropractor will do extensive exams and tests that determine what’s really going on. In most situations, physical therapy, as well as adjustments, can make a huge difference with the way that you feel.

Pain When in Certain Positions

Neck pain when you’re sitting a certain way or doing a certain activity may mean you’re suffering from cervical foraminal stenosis. This means that the nerve root has been damaged and the discs in the spine have been moved. Fortunately, chiropractors like Dr. Overton have the tests that are needed to find the exact place where the problematic nerve root is at so they can naturally address it.

Pain that Won’t Go Away

Pain in the neck can be caused from a wide variety of other issues, so if yours is chronic, then it’s important to visit a chiropractor right away. The tests that they provide will point out what’s really going on to cause that pain, whether it’s a pinched nerve, muscle strain, or a degenerative condition (like a joint disease). Once that has been identified, they will use natural solutions to help the body recover quickly and effectively.

Addressing Neck Pain the Right Way

The body is capable of healing itself but it needs a little bit of help to do so. By taking advantage of the natural solutions that your chiropractor recommends, you’ll be giving your body a chance to begin the restoration process in the neck as well as the rest of the body. In time, this can result in a better range of motion as well as less pain and discomfort. What’s even better is that this can be done without the use of dangerous prescriptions or even surgery, which means a permanent solution that’s geared toward true wellness for your body.