Chiropractors might be known for giving adjustments for back issues, but did you know they can help for pain throughout the rest of your body as well? Shoulder pain, in particular, is something that Dr. Overton can help with because he just don’t simply listen to your symptoms. Instead, he will give you comprehensive testing and exams to uncover what’s really going on inside of your body to cause you shoulder pain. This doesn’t mean just learning about the symptoms, but the exact issues that are causing your pain in the first place.

When Should you See a Chiropractor About Your Shoulder Pain?

  • Restricted Movement
  • Limited Ability to do Activities
  • Can’t Raise Arm
  • Can’t Move Arm
  • Hurts to Swing Arm or Lift Things

If you have any shoulder pain that has been limiting your overall movement for extended lengths of time, then it’s crucial to meet with a chiropractor as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse the damage and pain can become, so it’s best to take care of things as soon as you feel chronic discomfort.

How Will a Chiropractor Help?

There are many natural treatments available for shoulder pain, such as: heat treatments, ice treatments, chiropractic adjustments, and stretches. These can all help alleviate discomfort without dangerous prescriptions being needed every day. In addition to this, addressing dislocations, tears, imbalances, tendon ruptures, nerve problems, and other physical issues can lead to a lot less pain on a daily basis. Determining which of these solutions are right for you isn’t as easy as just listening to what your symptoms are. Instead, it requires extensive tests and exams of your entire body to uncover the root cause of the pain.

Once you get these results, you might be surprised to learn that your shoulder pain wasn’t caused by what you thought it was. For example, your acute pain might be caused from arthritis, a tendon rupture, a dislocation, a ligament injury, or even inflammation from eating foods that you’re allergic to. By finally uncovering these issues, you’ll be able to focus on healing them so your pain is naturally eliminated.

Experiencing a New Form of Care in Columbus, GA

With such a wide variety of issues that could be contributing to your shoulder pain, it’s easy to see why you shouldn’t settle for basic care. With the in-depth help you’re given from a chiropractor like Dr. Overton in Columbus, GA, you’ll learn more about your shoulder pain than ever before so you can finally get the solutions to overcome it. This can have a huge impact with the way you feel and mean being able to move more freely than ever before